For the health of the Earth and humanity

We envision a healthy future for the Earth and humanity.


Neoflam is dedicated to introduce sustainable products,
committed to shaping a brighter future in the daily lives of our customers.

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At Neoflam, we are committed to conserving resources and energy, as well as
reducing harmful emissions throughout our product manufacturing and facility operations.

  • We exclusively research environmentally friendly ceramic coatings.

  • We conserve resources in the production process.

  • We illuminate the future with light, turning it into energy.


We conduct product research with a focus on environmental considerations,
from materials to design. Our goal is to decrease the use of plastic and proactively
integrate eco-friendly materials, thereby minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • We take center stage in the eco-friendly airtight container market.

  • We offer eco-friendly alternatives such as RPP and RPEP.


We are committed to delivering customer experiences that enhance both a healthier kitchen
culture and environmental awareness, while maintaining consistent communication.

  • We make a positive impact through sharing.

  • Expending eco-friendly initiatives.

Join us on our journey
towards a sustainable and joyful future.