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Q (Others)Request for product exchange and refund


Product refunds and exchanges can only be processed at the place of purchase according to our policy.
If you inform the place of purchase and agree to the use of personal information, we will assist you in receiving product exchange and refund requests at the place of purchase.

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Q (Others)Where can I purchase product-specific accessories?


Accessories can be purchased at the official Neo flam shop website.
Customers who have difficulty using the website can purchase items by calling the customer center at 080-512-7000.

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Q (Others)Which accredited certification bodies have tested Neofla m products before they are released?


Some of the items manufactured and distributed by our company are sold after going through a test by an accredited certification body certified by the government.
In addition, we are doing our best by having our quality control continuously conduct self-verification through the department responsible for self-testing, professional manpower and organizations, etc.

[Representative certification body] Korea Conformity Laboratories, KCL - dissolution test, etc.

Korea Testing&Research Institute, KTRI - dissolution test, etc.

Korea Apparel Testing& Research Institute, KATRI - dissolution test, etc.

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering&Technology - Ceramic-related tests
(water absorption, etc.)
FITI(Friend of Industry Technology Information Testing & Research Institute)
test center - antibacterial activity test
SGS test institute - dissolution test, etc.

Korean Agency for Technology and Standards - KC certification

Korean Standards Association - LOHAS certification
Other overseas certification bodies : Intertek/TUV

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Q (Others)Noise occurs after using it with an induction cooktop. Is this a defect ?


After the power is turned off, the cooling fan will run for about 5 minutes with some noise.
This is the sound of the cooling system, and is not a product defect.

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Q (Vacuum flask)My hand was burned while using the product due to a defective lid. Why did this problem occur?


There are several causes for lid defects.
In some cases, the accessories may be defective, and the silicone that prevents the leakage of beverages may be defective. It may be due to incorrect binding or due to defects in the
screw thread of the bottle.
Therefore, the exact cause can be analyzed only by physically checking the defective product.
In the event of a burn caused by a defective lid, compensation for this can be obtained based on the Product Liability Act (PLA).

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Q (Vacuum flask)What is the reason for condensation on the outer surface?


Condensation may occur due to temperature differences when the vacuum flask is stored in a refrigerator or freezer and taken out.
However, if condensation occurs even though it has not been used in that way, the product is likely to be defective, so please contact the customer center.

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Q (Vacuum flask)Can I use the dishwasher?


Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer.
Parts may be deformed due to heat, which may cause the contents to leak out and spill into the surroundings. In addition, it may cause the seal, printing, sticker, etc. to come off.

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Q (Vacuum flask)Is it safe to put hot water in a heat-resistant glass water bottle?


Heat-resistant glass is resistant to high temperatures, so it will not break even with hot water.
However, since the heat-resistant glass water bottle does not have a thermal insulation function, there is still a risk of burns if you directly touch it while there is hot water.
The product will break if a sudden temperature change occurs after having been refrigerated or frozen for a long time.

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Q (Vacuum flask)Can I put soda in the vacuum flask?


Please avoid storing carbonated beverages.
Insulation bottles are sealed to prevent beverages from leaking.
If carbonated drinks are added, it may cause lid failure and beverage spout accidents due to an increase in internal pressure.

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Q (Vacuum flask)Can place the vacuum flask in the freezer?


The vacuum function of the product is impaired if beverages are stored in it frozen.

Please refrain from using the freezer.

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